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Following other people on twitter and request them to Follow you back its a too old lengthy method, now here i am gonna tell you a shortest, simplest, fastest and easiest method to Get 500+ Twitter Followers Free Every Hour,,, No need to waste more $$, (more time = more work = more $$)

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Alia Bhatt Funny Pics

Alia Bhatt Funny Pics





Turn On Comment Replies On Your Facebook Account

1. Open Mozilla Firefox

2. Download Go to this LINK and install the extension allow the instalation and continue and when it says restart firefox you must restart it.

Click here to Get THIS EXTENSION

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3. Go to browser tools>Geolocator>Manage

4. search "New Zealand", click the "toggle search mode" button then change the Name "New Zealand" to "I am Incognito" and click the "save" button.

5. Go to

Go Update your status, then update your location, and click to Share Loction


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Make Your Friends Wipe their Facebook Screen with Zalgo Text Generator Tool

I have wrote many facebook tricks at ATB.Here is one more cool Facebook trick using which you have have fun with your friends.You might have seen few of your friends status update which says "Wipe your Screen", with some blurr which almost resembles like some dust or dirt over your screen.In this tutorial we will be seeing how you can update your facebook status with such funny text .

Follow the below Steps to make your friends wipe their screens:

1) Go to Zalgo Text Generator Tool
2) There you can find various design and zalgo texts.

3) You can choose the one of your wish and create your own text.

4) Then copy the text go to your Facebook Account and paste it over there and then publish.
5) Your status will be updated with the Zalgo text.
6) That's all guys in this way you can prank with your friends with this Zalgo tool.

How To Check Pending Friend Request On Facebook

At last Facebook added awesome feature which I was searching from last six months . Now you can check your pending request that means you can see those profile ids whom you send request in past. Most of you are daily sending requests to lot of users whom you don't know and after sending we forgot and its not possible to track each and every record of sent friend request but now its very much possible.

Most of the users are daily sending unknown requests to lot of users and in result they got blocked for sending request so this update will help them a lot to cancel those sent requests. By using this update, you can check all pending requests till you joined Facebook . Finally if you want to see all requests and want to cancel those requests then here comes good news for you all, now you don't have to use any third party applications or software for tracing activity of your sent request and even you can cancel them as per your choice.

So from now onward start using this feature and enjoy tracking your sent request activity.

Steps To Follow For Tracking Pending Friend Request On Facebook :

  • Log in Facebook.
  •  ↓↓ Click below given link ↓↓

  • Now you can see list of all requests which you've sent to others.

  • Now hover your mouse to any friend requests which you ant to cancel and select Cancel Request.

Done !! You've successfully seen all pending requests and you can Cancel it too as per you choice.

Hope you loved this new update made by Facebook. Still if you are facing any problem then don't hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for visiting 


View Facebook Private Profile Photo In Large Size

Sometime you want to see clear image of someone on Facebook who might not be your friend but his/her privacy settings stop you from doing this. In this tutorial I will teach you to view Facebook private or locked profile picture in large size.

                                View Facebook Private Profile Photo In Large Size_FunWidTricks.Com

1. Open the Facebook profile of the person whose profile security settings does not allow you to see picture in popup window.
2. Rich click on profile picture ans select "Copy image URL".


3. Open new tab, paste the link and hit enter. You will get the image with resolution of 160 by 160 pixels.                            

4. Suppose the copied URL looks something like below:
5. Just replace highlighted text with 300x300. It it's still not visible or blur, then replace with 200x200. All other part of URL will be same as that of original URL. Now hit enter.


Post blank status, comments, messages on Facebook

We usually update our Facebook status with a quote , a joke or share a line about our day. All of us want to get attention of others on our status. To attract others we have many cool ways to write status including special characters on the Facebook walls, but this is the coolest one since its empty status update. seriously not even one single word or letter or dot.

How would you feel if you see a blank status update from someone? Amazed!! Hold on learn yourself and amaze your friends too.

You can’t write a blank status update by simply pressing the space key and then clicking on Post button. Instead you need to use a special code to post a blank character in your Facebook status.

How To ?
1. Log in to your Facebook account. (Obviously!)
2. Put cursor on status box then Press and hold Alt key and just type 0173 .
3. Release Alt Key and click on share post.

That’s all now your empty status will be update.

Friends, Its also working with comments and personal messages.